We love what we do

Our team is international, with most of our staff having lived and worked in countries throughout the world. We love diversity and we feel it brings depth to our thinking and the ways in which we approach our challenges.

Who we are

Terra Firma manages global recruitment communication campaigns, in the press, online, in outdoor locations and beyond. Whatever your international recruitment needs, we provide bespoke solutions that work.

International Recruitment Advertising

Welcome to international recruitment advertising specialists Terra Firma Associates.  As an agency, international recruitment is our territory.  Based in Brussels, our reach is truly global and we provide innovative, creative and cost-effective international solutions to recruitment advertising needs worldwide.

Terra Firma is about as global as an international recruitment advertising agency can be. Between us, we’ve got the linguistic and cultural expertise to build the relationships and get the results you want on every continent. We work with more than 65 international organisations, and regularly utilize over 200 global media providers, placing adverts every year in more than 100 countries.

International recruitment agencies work with clients from all over the world. That’s why they need to operate across time zones, language barriers and cultural differences. They need international recruitment expertise. At Terra Firma Associates, we have all this and more.

We offer recruitment advertising solutions

We offer international recruitment advertising for a range of impressive international clients – from small concerns to global players, from both the private and international public sectors. We manage global recruitment advertising campaigns in the press, across the internet, in outdoor locations and beyond. Whatever your international recruitment needs, we can provide solutions that work.

Flexible & Diverse

Our diversity keeps our minds open and agile – preventing us making easy assumptions about what international recruitment advertising solutions clients need. On the contrary, we dig deep into the unique nature of each brief and brand, targeting candidates with a precisely tailored mix of recruitment advertising messages and media.

Terra Firma Associates can provide International Recruitment, Advertising Strategies and Creative Recruitment Advertising Solutions.

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terra firma [fur-mah] firm or solid earth; known terrain