Social Media

People increasingly use social media to share opinions, insights, experiences and perspectives.

Social Media

Social media isn’t just changing our personal lives, but also the way we work, advertise and recruit. Increasingly, international organisations are 'going social' and are harnessing the opportunities offered by Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and other platforms.

At Terra Firma, we understand both the possibilities that social media has created, and also how audiences engage and interact in this space. We can advise you on how to use this channel to leverage your recruitment processes.

Depending on the strategy you want to implement, we can create entire social media advertising campaigns, help you develop your online pages (both with copywriting and visual content), and set up a strategic approach to using this channel. By analysing the social media usage of your potential candidates, we will develop a framework for social media recruitment that is aligned with your Employer Brand. These analytics will also allow us to monitor and optimise the effectiveness of your advertising activities.

The use of social media for recruitment is characterised by highly targeted advertising. It will bring engagement both with and within online communities. This on-going communication will provide you with insights on how candidates perceive your organisation or feedback on the candidate journey.

Whether it’s advertising on social media channels, creating or enhancing your social network page or strategies to engage with online communities, we can support you if you want to ‘go social’.

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