Online Recruitment Events

We are pioneers in this area and have been using technology to break down barriers to cross-border recruiting

Online Recruitment Events

Whether you’re recruiting worldwide, focusing on an under-represented region, setting up a new international location or redeploying staff internally across borders, Terra Firma’s online events and webinars team can tailor a unique event on our platform that will bring you closer to the candidates you’re trying to reach.

Take advantage of our events and webinar platforms, our marketing skills, and our experience to host your own dedicated online event or get in touch with us to learn more about our schedule of international careers events featuring leading international organisations.

We’re platform agnostic and we are constantly reviewing what platform will work best for your needs. Our expertise is in creating content, attracting the high quality candidates to your event and ensuring they come along on the day.

Would you like to host an event solely dedicated to your organisation?

  • Internal mobility events
  • Internal communications events
  • Multiple and diverse recruitment channel events
  • Crisis and Emergency Response recruitment events
  • Graduate and Young Professional Programme recruitment and communication events

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