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We understand website development

Website Development

Web presence is more important than ever, and every visitor to your site will need to have a good user experience. This means your site must have a clear design and navigation features. It must also be informative and useful to their needs.

Visitors to your site need to have a positive user experience. The top priority is that they find the information they seek clearly sign-posted and easily accessible. They will also want a simple “call-to-action”.

We can design a robust website that will address these functionality aspects and adopt best-practice.

But your site must include more than simply pleasant visuals and lively copy. Website development needs to be intelligent. It must take into account Search Engine Optimisation, communicating through social media, blogging, news feeds, online advertising etc.

Through our close relationships with the digital media community, we can offer you the latest options in website development for recruitment communications. Then end objective is to ensure that your website is viewed by the right candidates.

At Terra Firma, we understand website development. Our offer of services can be tailored to your needs and we would love to help you improve your visitors’ user experience, a key metric in candidate attraction.

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