We are diverse, and we love it!

Our team is composed of talented people from diverse backgrounds. We look forward to supporting you with your international recruitment communications needs.


Terra Firma is a group of individuals who give you exposure to a wide mix of cultures and languages. Across our team, we have lived in numerous countries, across Europe, Eastern Europe and Asia. We are truly international, both in the composition of our team and in our approach to our work.

Our diversity is also reflected in our combined professional experience. Together, we have worked in all the major sectors represented in our industry, including media providers, advertising agencies and client side recruitment functions.

This enables us to fully appreciate what it’s like to be a banker in Zurich, an engineer in Bratislava, a TV executive in Dubai or a micro-finance expert in Tunisia. This depth of thinking helps us design campaigns which reflect the aspirations of such as diverse set of candidates.

Our Approach

We never lose sight of our main objective which is to ensure that we help you meet your recruitment objectives. Central to this is our relationship with you. We want you to feel we are working alongside you.

Because many of us have been clients before, we’ve experienced the deadlines, pressures, and budgetary constraints that you face. This makes it easier for us to really understand your viewpoint and deliver the best possible service to you.

We aim to get to know you as well as possible, and understand the specifics of your organisation and your business needs. On this basis, we will do everything possible to give you the service you need and deliver it when you need it.

Once we have agreed on the design of your campaign, we will provide you with a single point of contact so that you can be sure of consistent and knowledgeable service. Additionally, our team approach to our work means that there will always be a back-up. Your email or call will be answered promptly by a team member who will have access to the latest information on the work in progress of your campaign.

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terra firma [fur-mah] firm or solid earth; known terrain