Outsourced Solutions

Helping you manage the administrative aspect of your recruitment

Outsourced Solutions

A successful media campaign delivers the right candidate for you from all the applicants. Terra Firma can help you with this part of the selection process.

When your media campaign is launched, you will start receiving applications for your advertised vacancies. Depending on the nature and number of candidates you seek, this number could be substantial enough to overwhelm the capacity of your HR resources.

Terra Firma offers our clients outsourced solutions as a natural complement to our global communications advertising services. Once our campaign has achieved its attraction objectives, we will help you rationalise and refine all applicants applying for the position(s).

These services can be split in two main groups.

Response Handling

Terra Firma’s response handling service is bespoke. We can provide either an end-to-end service, or alternatively any of the elements of the response handling process that you want to outsource. From handling calls to phone interviews, CV sifting or face-to-face interviews, psychometric testing etc, we have the response handling expertise you need. Knowledgeable, professional and efficient, our response handling team already has proven experience with a range of international and UK-based response handling campaigns.

If you want response handling advice for your next recruitment drive, whether it’s one key hire or several hundred, we will give you the response you want, handled in the way you need.

Applicant Tracking

A well-designed Applicant Tracking System (ATS) will help you fill your vacancies more efficiently.

This tool will support your employer brand by improving the candidate experience, it will streamline your selection processes and provide you with learnings from candidates’ perception of your recruitment process.

Our Applicant Tracking System encompasses the full range of recruitment activities. The components of this service follow the natural progression of the vacancy filling.

At each stage, be it job requisition to online posting, application submission by the candidate to applications management for the recruiter, and finally dynamic screening and customised selection processes, we have the ability to produce detailed reports at every step to see what works and what doesn’t in your candidate journey.

We offer a configurable and scalable ATS to support your talent attraction, processing and hiring needs. Our modular format means we can tailor the system closely to your actual needs, taking into account your existing processes. This ensures cost efficiency for you as you will only spend on the services you need.

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