Employer branding to remember

Employer Branding

A large European bank approached us to help enhance the impact of its employer brand across Europe within the context of its advertising campaign.

Our first goal was to understand the bank’s mission statement and how we could create strong and innovative adverts that would emphacise this message. Our knowledge of the organisation’s values enabled us to define the key components of the employer’s brand.

We created strong visual messages that would clearly sell that brand. Using exclusive images from the bank’s image library, we created three sets of creative pitches.

Tapping into the bank’s resources enabled us to be cost efficient and ensure rapid turnaround and delivery.

We agreed that the best way to sell the brand was to use templates and banners each containing four to six carefully selected images that would enable people to understand the message quickly and simply. These banners reinforced the bank’s work in supporting projects to help worthy causes in their operating countries.

Our final strategy utilised a range of media, including adverts, job-board templates and online banners. The Bank was delighted with the number of people who responded to the adverts and the positive response to the campaign. The Bank’s recruitment team has subsequently used the look and feel we created for further recruitment initiatives.

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