Roberto Innocente

I have a diverse background that ranges from Interpreting and Translation to Marketing. I’ve always valued the power that words and images have on people, that’s why I recently got my master in Marketing and Communications (Fashion direction).

I love interacting with new cultures, I believe that knowing more about people around the world makes us better professionals as well as a better individuals. Distances among us have never been shorter, let’s learn from each other.

In my free time I love playing competitive online games, rise and grind gamers!

Heather Alderman

With many years design and art direction experience under my belt, working with agencies from London to far-flung Australia on creative projects from PR to Publishing companies, I’ve been fortunate to continue working in such a varied role with the team at TFA.

As the agency’s Graphic Designer / Art Director, my job is to take care of the creative side of things, from initial concept work through to the final artworking stages. Brochure work, online graphics and large advertising campaigns across multiple countries all have to be delivered on time – whichever time zone that happens to be. (And whichever language that happens to be!) This is all done whilst listening to our clients and being flexible to their needs, engaging with our audience and without compromising on quality.

Working with an international agency is as diverse as you would imagine; the projects that we work on, the clients that we build relationships with, the TFA team. It’s a major part of who we are and that’s what keeps us fresh.


Susana Pereña

As the newest arrival to the team, I am just getting to know the all the facets of the work and the team!

I am a responsible person with good organisational skills. I am a strong multitasker with excellent attention to detail. After 10 years of experience in advertising agencies, I know the importance of meeting deadlines and managing the client budget, combined with a creative eye.

I am looking forward to the new challenges as a Client Account Executive at Terra Firma. I am excited to learn everything about Recruitment advertising from Ana and the rest of the team.


Marcin Banach

Working in various Finance roles for over 10 years, I hope to bring my diverse experience to assist TFA. I started my career in practice, subsequently moving into property investment where I was in charge of all finance functions within the organisation.

Recently I worked for a Forex investment company. Having under my management Finance, Accounting and Credit Management team, I also played a major role in the strategic and planning aspects of the business.

I gain great personal satisfaction from ensuring that the financial strategy of the business continues to deliver the performance and quality of service that we guarantee our client.

Albine Gilbert

Born and raised in France I have always craved to live in different countries and experience other cultures. I had the chance to live in the United States, London and Dubai where I spent the last 16 years. I have worked there for diverse companies and sectors but mostly in services such as recruitment, higher education and training.

My expertise spans the length and breadth of marketing and communication activities including strategy, revenue growth, inbound and outbound marketing; lead and demand generation, digital, web design and content and communications and always in a very international and multicultural environment.


Javier Benavides

I worked in Banking for over 20 years which was fun, varied and occasionally very high pressure. Hence my “Same same, but different” comment…

My background in managing sales teams comes in very handy in all client-facing activities and helps me to manage projects to delivery so that our clients are happy with our service. Of course, there is a large area of “unknown-unknowns” out there for me in this new role, but that’s where teamwork comes in, and I am very grateful for the support I receive from all my colleagues, patiently teaching me about SEO, web design and brand management.

When it all gets a bit crazy, I think back to the year I spent as a full-time daddy with two kids under 4…perspective is a wonderful thing!

I look forward to helping the team continue to deliver for our clients.

Ana Martinez

I manage and coordinate the recruitment communications campaigns from all our clients. I have one direct report and I form part of the agency’s senior team.

My attention to detail and naturally good Spanish mood makes me ideally suited to what is sometimes a tough job in terms of managing internal and external expectations and the delivery of services often to tight deadlines.

I make sure that all your requests are processed in a timely fashion, from the initial stages of media planning and quoting budgets, through to the various stages of the campaign roll out, ensuring we deliver on schedule and on budget.

I am fluent in English, French and Spanish.

As a Spaniard who has lived in Paris, I love eating great food, but cooking is not on my CV, my microwave does some hard miles!

Fernando de Benavides

I work in English, French and Spanish on a daily basis. I do speak several other languages, but not well enough to boast about them on here.

Before setting up Terra Firma Associates, I worked for an international recruitment agency, a major job board and several of the largest international public sector organisations in the world. This included a role as the Head of Recruitment for the second largest European public sector organisation. I learnt a lot there. I also started to develop a clear idea of what kind of agency I would one day run, as well as what services should be offered and how important proactive, hands-on client service really is. Now I’m doing just that.

As Managing Director here I’ve built a team of which I am proud. I lead the group. I think constantly, striving for innovation and creativity and ensuring everyone stays focused on keeping clients happy.

I am also the father of an incredibly sharp and intelligent ten year old son, a real bundle of energy and sharpness. My treat? shutting down work mode, enjoying time away from computer screens and spending a bit of time working with my little boy building something with Lego, maybe the Millennium Falcon!

My favourite food has never changed for years: spicy, fiery hot Thai salad. The kind that brings tears to your eyes…

terra firma [fur-mah] firm or solid earth; known terrain