Worldwide graduate recruitment

Our client needed to attract graduate candidates from a total of 28 countries, in all continents, with a particular focus on Latin America and the Caribbean.

We set about developing a truly global graduate campaign. There was no precedence for such an ambitious campaign from this client. The organisation had yet to formulate a strategy and had only outlined a few geographical and gender parameters. With a tight budget we had to develop a proposal whereby the style, length and copy of the adverts would translate and have impact globally. And we had 48 hours to create a strategy and suggest campaign approaches. We love these type of challenges.

What we did

Our first goal was to build a media plan that targeted a wide mobile audience to attract as many graduates as possible. We prioritised the countries that we felt would deliver the most appropriate graduates.

We then approached media in all five continents. This enabled us to reach the most appropriate audience effectively and quickly.

The development of the proposal and campaign meant coordinating with a huge number of organisations. We gave feedback to the client on our progress with regular updates.

The result was a hugely ambitious project delivered in record-breaking time and to an extremely low budget. The adverts were placed in a total of twenty-eight countries in all five continents and therefore reached a huge audience.

The campaign attracted over 2,500 qualified and relevant graduate applications over a period of two weeks. The graduates identified in this campaign resulted in an enormous talent pool used by our client in subsequent searches for graduate recruits within the organisation

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